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BCKR holds events in the City open to all its members two or three times a month, publishing our programme before the start of each term. The subjects covered include informed guidance on the application and appointment process, the personal experience of current and former lawyers who have been successful in this field, headhunters who specialise in trustee and board appointments and sympathetic chairmen, senior NEDs and trustees. Notes from our recent events can be found in News & Views.

Our full Events programme for the current and previous terms can be viewed here, with forthcoming events listed below.

All our events are held at the offices of JM Finn, 4 Coleman Street, London, EC2R 5TA. BCKR remains very grateful to JM Finn for their continuing support.

Your Due Diligence – Understanding the P&L with Steven Sussman and James Godrich, JM Finn

Steven Sussman and James Godrich
Date & Time
Thursday 22 November 2018 - 08.30

Steven Sussman is CEO of JM Finn and James Godrich is one of their Research Analysts.  As a leading independent investment manager, JM Finn is regularly considering the value of potential equity investments for its clients, looking at each organisation’s finances in depth, highlighting the company’s financial strengths and understanding any risks and anomalies.

It is these same issues that a potential non-executive director should get to grips with when considering a role with a company, and we are delighted that Steven and James have agreed to guide us how they go about this exercise, taking us through the key points to look for in a company’s accounts.  The session will give members a head start in knowing what to explore further at interview, and may just give a few warning signs of any unforeseen problems.  For those looking to move into the commercial non-executive arena, an invaluable session.

The Portfolio Lawyer – Maria Da Cunha

Maria Da Cunha
Date & Time
Tuesday 4 December 2018 . 08.30

Starting life as a barrister and then corporate lawyer at Lovells, Maria is now Director of People & Legal at British Airways, sitting on their Executive Board. She also sits on the board of De La Rue Plc, the world’s largest security paper printer.

Maria will talk of how she combines her full-time legal role with the responsibilities as a non-executive in a very different arena, explaining how and why she added an external role to her life.  Members will learn of her recruitment process, her experience of headhunters, the value of networking and how she brings her legal experience to the board table, without simply becoming a further source of legal advice at De La Rue.