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Young Professionals

The journey into trusteeships

BCKR’S short courses for Young Professionals are designed to encourage younger lawyers, often at relatively early stages of their careers, to pursue an outside interest while improving skills and networks for their main career, legal or otherwise. This offers significant benefits to both the individual and the firm or employer, particularly when coupled with genuine encouragement on the part of the employer for each member of staff to take on a charitable or other not-for-profit external position.

Why do this early in your career?  Taking on a trustee or not for profit NED role at any stage in your career:

  • allows you to pursue an outside interest while working
  • encourages a more entrepreneurial spirit
  • improves your commercial acumen
  • develops your networking skills
  • makes a convincing addition to your firm or department’s CSR offering and
  • gives you a broader balance to life.

What will this particular course offer? We will first introduce participants to the NED and trustee world, dealing with such topics as:

  • why taking on an external role is good for any career
  • the obstacles lawyers (in fact anyone) can face and how to overcome them
  • how you will be perceived given your age and status
  • what charities see as the benefits of having professionals, of any age, on board and
  • a look through a selection of recent roles to highlight the breadth of what’s out there.

We will consider how you start your own trustee journey, including a discussion on:

  • how to improve your personal and professional network
  • how to start thinking about what role might suit you
  • how to manage the external role alongside the day job
  • the likely competition and
  • the application and interview process.

We will also touch briefly on how to present yourself on a trustee CV (a very different thing from a deal list!) looking at:

  • what your CV should cover
  • how you translate your legal experience into a competencies based CV and
  • how your experiences outside work can contribute.

What should you do after the course?  If you are inspired to take on an external role, the course should leave you with a plan of action to take things forward. You will know the questions to ask yourself about what you and what you can offer, and you will have an idea of how to prepare your CV, you will receive regular lists of potential roles which may suit you and you will know how to apply for them.  The process will require dedication, commitment and a little bit more juggling, but it will leave you with a genuine sense of satisfaction at what you are able to achieve alongside your main job.