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Early Opera Company seeks lawyer to join its Board of Trustees

Closing Date
1 September 2018
London, W1
Time Commitment
4 board meetings a year - 6.30 - 8.30

Early Opera Company is an award-winning arts charity. As part of a newly-refreshed 3-year strategic plan, we are seeking up to 3 dedicated and passionate Trustees to support our new developments in broadcast and family arts.

What will you be doing?

Early Opera Company is going from strength to strength and, as part of a newly-refreshed 3-year strategic plan, we would like to enhance our small but dedicated Board of Trustees with more people who are passionate about our vision and keen to contribute actively to the governance of our charity. The focus of the next 3 years is to build partnerships, expand our range and scale of performances, and develop new ways of broadcast the storytelling power of baroque opera to a much wider audience of all ages online. The challenges will be structural, financial and logistical, but the intention is strong.

The role and responsibilities of the Board of Trustees are to oversee the vision and mission of Early Opera Company, develop its strategic plan, manage the charity’s resources responsibly and ensure that it complies with all legal and financial obligations.

We are looking for up to 3 dedicated and inspirational individuals who can provide advice to the Board and management, be a champion for our work within your industry and introduce us to organisations or individuals whom we would not otherwise be likely to access.

You can find out more here:


What are we looking for?

In particular, we are looking for up to 3 dedicated and inspirational individuals who have enhanced skills and current experience as one or more of the following:

  1. Charity accountant
  2. Lawyer
  3. Marketing specialist (preferably arts/broadcasting)
  4. Family arts specialist
  5. Arts fundraising – or more specifically, somebody who has the capacity to lead a fundraising group as part of the Board of Trustees


What difference will you make?

Early Opera Company is a lean, effective and award-winning charity, with a passionate Board of Trustees, a world-class artistic director and a small but efficient executive. The Trustees are crucial to the ongoing success and development of the organisation, and your advice and contacts will have a direct impact on the delivery of our strategic plan.

For further information please click here.