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Networking Workshops

The way to open doors

BCKR’S Networking workshops help lawyers understand the benefits that a good network can bring and, in a very practical way, how to go about improving their own networks.

Why do this at all? It could well improve your life and your career!

  • A better network will help you gain clients
  • A better network will help you gain non-legal roles
  • In broadening your portfolio, you need to understand how other worlds work – meeting people in those worlds helps achieve this
  • Meeting new people is interesting!
  • To beat the competition, you should learn to compete on their terms. This is what others do

What will this particular course offer? 

We will spend a short time reminding participants of what networking isn’t, what not to do and what not to worry about. We cover those misconceptions but quickly move on.   We explain the numerous benefits a strong network will offer for your legal life, your future life and your personal life, and provide a road map for achieving this.

Most time will be spent focusing on how to improve your network.  We will ask participants to consider who they know, and who those people might know.  We will investigate the areas participants want to learn more about, individuals they already know who have connections in these areas and the other types of people they would like to meet.

We will encourage participants to think of techniques for being introduced to useful individuals, how to use the contacts you have and the way to frame the request for help.  Importantly, we will explore how to nudge a response out of a request for help that has fallen down the recipient’s inbox.  And how to set the all important agenda for that cup of coffee.  Preparation is the key.

It is also critical to understand how your offers of similar help to others play into wider perceptions of you. Every encounter leaves its mark. We will tell you how to use the opportunities these requests present.

Breakout sessions will allow participants time to produce an action plan to kick start the reinvigoration of their network and to identify the concerns that this process will undoubtedly reveal. After discussing these worries, we will also encourage participants to share their stories of networking successes.

Attending this workshop will allow you to determine:

  • whom you should target first
  • how to take advantage of sudden opportunities
  • how to use one meeting as a catalyst for the next
  • how to prepare for your cups of coffee
  • what follow up is required after a meeting and
  • how you can reciprocate the many kindnesses you will receive along the way.

What should you do after the course?

Our course should leave you with a plan of action to take your network forward. The process will require dedication, commitment and a little bit more juggling (no one else can drink those cups of coffee!), but it will leave you with a genuine sense of satisfaction at how you have improved your knowledge and networks in new arenas,  and it may well open doors you thought were shut to you.