bckr | widening horizons for lawyers
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BCKR encourages lawyers and their firms to have greater involvement in the outside world. We help lawyers of all ages to take boardroom roles and in due course, to create a fulfilling life after law, through a portfolio career or otherwise.

“BCKR has helped me enormously, from simple things like preparing a CV to a wide network of opportunities. There is a whole new and exciting world out there!”
Richard Gubbins, Chairman of Henderson Value Investment Trust plc

All lawyers want a fulfilling retirement, many would like a second career and often a portfolio one. Our guidance on how to create the right mix can be invaluable. The earlier you start the better and previous unpaid roles will greatly enhance your options.

“My general preparation as well as my confidence to take on the role have both been hugely reinforced by the BCKR events I have attended.”
John Heaps, Chairman of Yorkshire Building Society, former Chairman of Eversheds

An unpaid external role allows any full-time lawyer to broaden his experience and networks and to follow an outside interest, while also developing board skills and greater commercial acumen.

“Preparation is all – I wish that there had been a BCKR in existence in the years leading up to my retirement.”
Retired Linklaters partner

BCKR was founded by former City lawyers in response to their own experience when they left private practice and embarked on portfolio careers. We are run by lawyers. We only assist lawyers.

“BCKR presented the opportunity and helped me to concentrate on the skills and experience I have accumulated that are necessary to be a member of a board.”
Howard Morris, Chairman of The M.E. Trust

We host events and offer training designed to improve lawyers’ prospects for external roles and in due course, their life after law.


We alert members to trustee and NED roles, mostly in the charity, not-for-profit and government sectors, many compatible with full time law.