bckr | The Royal College of General Practitioners seeks to appoint Lay Member to its Audit Committee
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The Royal College of General Practitioners seeks to appoint Lay Member to its Audit Committee

The Royal College of General Practitioners seeks to appoint Lay Member to its Audit Committee

The Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) was founded in 1952 and is the professional membership body within the UK for general practitioners, with over 50,000 members. Its purpose is to encourage, foster and maintain the highest possible standards in general medical practice.

The College supports GPs throughout their careers – from medical students who are considering general practice, through to training, qualified years and retirement. The College represents and supports GPs on important issues, for example licensing, training and clinical standards.

Despite any challenges which may arise, the College’s aim and mission for both its Members and Fellows, and all GPs, remains to support GPs as personal doctors at the heart of our Health Service, to ensure high standards of practice, and to contribute to the academic life of medicine.

Role specification

The RCGP is looking for a new Lay Member to join the Audit Committee, as a Lay Member reaching the end of their term will soon be stepping down.

As a member of the Audit Committee, the Lay Member will contribute to ensuring that the College’s activities are undertaken with probity, integrity and in the best interests of the College and its members. They will also ensure that all matters, including financial, are appropriately scrutinised and reviewed, including risk analysis and management, and that the College maintains a framework of accountability for these.

The Lay Member will help to ensure that RCGP complies with all aspects of charity law, relevant regulations and reporting standards, and that governance is in line with best practice. They will also offer advice to the Trustee Board, Council and members relating to their field of expertise on any matters which may arise and will contribute to encouraging a supportive culture where individuals feel able to express any concerns or worries.

All members of the Audit Committee will be expected to attend the four quarterly half-day Committee meetings, one of which will have the external auditors present, alongside reading through papers beforehand. There is a potential additional meeting following the external audit in June at which attendance would also be expected.

Person specification

The new Lay Member of the Audit Committee will not be expected to have a medical or clinical background. The successful candidate will have a good degree of financial literacy; however need not have a background in finance. Ideally, candidates should demonstrate a level of expertise or experience within one or more of the following fields: risk management, audit or finance, legal, governance or compliance.

Candidates should be able to demonstrate prior experience of operating at either board or committee level within an organisation, or will have held a leadership role within an organisation and influenced at a strategic level. Knowledge and understanding of working within the not-for-profit sector would be advantageous; however this is not an essential requirement.

The new Lay Member should be innovative and have the ability to influence strategic direction and be a driver of change. Importantly, they should support the College’s purpose to support GPs and maintain the highest standards in general medical practice.

Required for this role

  • Board or committee advisory The organisation is looking for a committee member with a strong advisory approach. If you have not previously held any non-executive or trustee positions, you should demonstrate a track record of influencing (at board or committee level) the direction of an organisation, outside of your day-to-day area(s) of responsibility. Ideally this record will include sitting on panels or committees. If you already have non-executive or trustee experience, please detail this.


As a result of the pandemic, Audit Committee meetings are currently held virtually and will continue to be remote until at least the first half of 2021. There is currently no formal decision on whether these meetings will be held in person or virtually in the future.

Please contact nurole directly for further information. info@nurole.com