bckr | Age UK Nottingham seeks a new Trustee with legal expertise
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Age UK Nottingham seeks a new Trustee with legal expertise

Age UK Nottingham seeks a new Trustee with legal expertise

Closing Date
20 April 2021
Time Commitment
Please enquire on application

Our Trustees are the people who lead the charity and decide how it is run. Being a Trustee at Age UK Notts means making decisions that will impact on people’s lives. As a Trustee you will make a difference to your local community and through the wider Age UK Network, to society as a whole.

What is the purpose of this role?

Age UK Notts has a Board of Trustees with between 7 and 10 Trustees. Our Trustees ensure Age UK Notts has a clear strategy, and that our work and goals are in line with our vision. The Trustees are the ‘guardians of purpose’, making sure that all decisions put the needs of our beneficiaries first. The Trustees have independent control over, and legal responsibility for, the charity’s management and administration.

What are the responsibilities of the role?

• To ensure Age UK Notts is carrying out its purpose for the public benefit

• To comply with Age UK Notts’ governing document and the law

• To act in the best interest of Age UK Notts, maintaining the professional integrity of the charity, whilst dealing with other bodies and individuals

• To ensure Age UK Notts is accountable

• To manage Age UK Notts’ resources responsibly

• To act with reasonable care and skill

• To act as an ambassador for Age UK Notts and for the wider Age UK network

• To safeguard the good name and values of the charity

• To have a positive commitment to, and actively promote, Age UK Notts’ Equality and Diversity policy

In addition to the above statutory duties of all trustees, each trustee should use any specific knowledge or experience they may have to help the board of trustees reach sound decisions.

What are we looking for?

Each Trustee must have:

• Integrity

• A commitment to the charity

• An understanding and acceptance of the legal duties, responsibilities and liabilities of trusteeship

• A willingness to devote the necessary time and effort to their duties as a Trustee

• Strategic vision

• Good, independent judgement

• An ability to think creatively

• A willingness to speak their mind

• An ability to work effectively as a member of a team


The board of trustees particularly welcomes experience in one or more of the following areas:

• Issues relating to work with, and for, older people

• Legal matters

• Fundraising

• Public relations

• Marketing

• Campaigning

• Education and learning

• Digital Strategy

• Setting targets, monitoring and evaluating performance and programmes in commercial and not for profit organisations

• Budget setting and monitoring of finances

Please also note that we are looking for at least one of our new Trustees to have legal experience or background.

We are looking for people from a wide range of backgrounds to join our board and contribute towards leading the charity and delivery of services to the older people of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

What can you gain from this opportunity?

Trusteeship can be rewarding for many reasons, from a sense of making a difference, to gaining new experiences and new relationships.


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