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Christian Aid seeks new Trustee

Christian Aid seeks new Trustee

Closing Date
18 April 2021
Time Commitment
Please enquire on application

At Christian Aid, we believe that poverty is an outrage against humanity. It robs people of dignity, freedom and hope, of power over their lives. Christian Aid has a vision – an end to poverty – and we believe that vision can become a reality.

Created by British and Irish churches in 1945, and owned by our 41 sponsoring churches, Christian Aid provides urgent, practical and effective assistance where need is great, tackling the effects of poverty as well as its root cause. Our work is based on our fundamental identification with the aspirations and rights of the poor and the oppressed. We act in situations of suffering and injustice because we believe that they violate God’s standards, and devalue us all.

Christian Aid operates through an incorporated charity registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales and with Companies House. There are various subsidiary and connected charities which support us.

The Role

The Board of Trustees is responsible for setting the strategy and policy framework of Christian Aid, determining direction and goals; protecting and promoting the identity and values of the charity; and fulfilling our statutory responsibilities.

It collectively holds the Chief Executive and other directors (senior management) accountable, providing constructive challenge where necessary, reporting to the Sponsoring Churches at the Annual General Meeting and promoting Christian Aid externally.

The Board delegates certain functions to sub-committees of trustees;

  • The Board Governance and Nominations Committee is responsible for nominating new trustees for election to members (the sponsoring churches) at the annual general meeting, and for reviewing the performance of the board.  It also ensures that the board has effective work processes.
  • The Audit and Risk Committee reviews reports from external and internal auditors, commissions special investigations and advises the Board on risk management.
  • The Finance, Fundraising and Investment Committee reviews the annual plans and budget, investment in and performance of fundraising, key financial policies, pension funding and the performance of Christian Aid’s investment managers.
  • The Human Resources Governance and Strategy Committee advises on human resources policies to ensure that they are aligned with our values and objectives, and helps inform our global people strategy.
  • The Remuneration Committee reviews the principles governing pay and benefits at Christian Aid.  It also makes recommendations to the board on the remuneration of the Chief Executive.

As a trustee, you will be expected to serve on at least one of the above-mentioned sub-committees.

About You

Board members are expected to be active Christians so as to help lead, direct and develop Christian Aid as the Churches’ agency for international development and poverty eradication.  Christian Aid values diversity in its Board and welcomes people from all sections of the Christian community.

As a trustee, you will be appointed for an initial four year term, and are eligible to be re-appointed for further terms of office, limited to a maximum of eight consecutive years.

We are open to expressions of interest from persons available to join the Board either in the second half of 2021 or from 2022 onwards.


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