bckr | Charity to help vulnerable children and families seeks new Trustee – law expertise sought
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Charity to help vulnerable children and families seeks new Trustee – law expertise sought

Charity to help vulnerable children and families seeks new Trustee – law expertise sought

Closing Date
28 July 2021
Eastleigh, Hampshire
Time Commitment
0-3 hours a week

Daybreak helps vulnerable children and their families. We’re looking for new trustees who will extend the range of expertise of our Board, for example in the fields of fundraising, public relations, marketing, law or social media.

What will you be doing?

Currently Daybreak has five trustees, all of whom have been on the board for a good number of years. We are now aiming to recruit additional trustees who can bring a fresh perspective and new expertise. We’d be particularly keen if you have skills and experience in fundraising, public relations, marketing, law or social media. But, above all, we need people who will bring enthusiasm and energy.

The minimum requirement is that you fulfil your duties as a trustee and participate in our quarterly Board meetings. These are normally held at our head office in Eastleigh, Hampshire, but occasionally in our London office or online. Given the need to study Board papers in advance and to complete any follow-up actions, this entails a minimum time commitment of about 30 hours per year.

However, most of our trustees choose to take a more active role in the charity, working closely with other trustees and our Senior Management Team in areas where they have relevant expertise, and perhaps launching new initiatives. If you choose to do the same and become more deeply involved in some aspect of the charity’s operations, such as fundraising or public relations, then you might well put in far more hours over the year than the 30 minimum. But that is a matter of your personal choice and desire to help our charity.

What are we looking for?

Our Board and Senior Management Team work closely together as one unit. So it’s vital that you’re a team player who can work well with other people. And you need to display maturity and a sense of responsibility.

Previous Board-level experience is desirable but not essential. It’s more important that you  have specific expertise that will be of value to our charity. Skills that we know will be of use include fundraising, public relations, marketing, lobbying, law and social media. But you may have other expertise that would prove equally valuable.

Above all, we need people who will bring energy and enthusiasm.


What difference will you make?

As a new trustee, you will bring a new perspective, new energy and new expertise. You will help our Board to ensure that our charity remains effective in serving our many clients, who are amongst the most vulnerable members of our society. And you will help ensure continuity of governance over the coming years.


What’s in it for the volunteer?

As a trustee, you will be given induction and ongoing support. You will gain Board-level experience in a friendly environment, with the opportunity to exercise your existing skills and develop new ones. And you will play an important part in navigating our charity through the choppy waters that we inevitably sometimes encounter.

But, above all, you will have the opportunity to help make a real difference to the lives of vulnerable children and their families – to bring the smiles back.


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