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Non-Magistrate members of the Greater Manchester Advisory Committee

Non-Magistrate members of the Greater Manchester Advisory Committee

Closing Date
30 September 2021
Time Commitment
8 days a year

The Advisory Committees for Magistrates’ Courts deal with the recruitment and recommendation for appointment of Magistrates within their areas.

The Advisory Committee consists of twenty-seven members: Magistrates (17) non-Magistrate members (10).

The Greater Manchester Advisory Committee are currently recruiting non-Magistrate members.


Full Description

  • All applicants must complete a standard application form.
  • References will be sought for non-magistrate applicants.
  • Advisory Committee Members conduct all interviews.
  • The Panel will make its recommendations directly to the Lord Chancellor.
  • Members of the Advisory Committees will normally be appointed for a nine-year term of office (but do not have to serve all that period).
  • Members are not normally appointed for a period that would extend beyond their 70th birthday.  

Person Specification

Successful candidates will have good interpersonal skills and good judgement of character and will possess the ability to interview candidates for the Magistracy.

Experience of the following is desirable, but not essential:

• Interviewing candidates in an employment context or for other public appointments/voluntary roles.

• Working with disciplinary/investigatory procedures.


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