bckr | Immune deficiency charity ‘The CGD Society’ seeks new Trustee – legal skills welcomed
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Immune deficiency charity ‘The CGD Society’ seeks new Trustee – legal skills welcomed

Immune deficiency charity ‘The CGD Society’ seeks new Trustee – legal skills welcomed

Closing Date
10 December 2021
Time Commitment
2 hours a week

The CGD society is a small, ambitious, family led charity. Our vision is to find a cure for all those affected by this rare immune deficiency. You can share that future success with us.

Our charity is overseen by a Trustee Board of six. We have a three-year strategy to deliver and we value the friendliness, openness and diversity of thought that our Board brings to this work

Trustees would normally engage in the work of one specialist subcommittee as well as prepare for and attend 5 Board meetings per year. However, we can adapt the commitment to suit the individual.

Our Trustees are unpaid, but expenses will be reimbursed.

We are looking to recruit up to five volunteer trustees.   You don’t need any prior experience of charities or any specific qualifications.  We will be there alongside you with training and coaching provided as required.

Our small, intimate charity is a great place for a new or experienced Trustee.  You will join our community and feel their warmth and gratitude for everything that we do. You will quickly make a difference by being part of strategic decision making and influencing and shaping projects to improve the health and wellbeing of our members.

Here are some of the specific tasks that you could be involved in:

  • The Trustee Board is responsible for setting and overseeing the strategy while the staff are responsible for delivering it. Monthly reports with performance indicators will be available to track progress in key areas. Trustees will review the strategy annually and set priorities for the year ahead.
  • Trustees will work closely with the staff to ensure the organisation operates effectively, efficiently and economically, with a culture that is positive, and focused on the needs of those it serves and other customers and stakeholders.
  • As well as attending board meetings, trustees are encouraged to join a subcommittee and use their skills to support our staff and maximise effort in a specialist area.
  • Trustees will provide oversight, direction and constructive challenge to the organisation’s chair and senior staff.
  • Trustees must satisfy themselves as to the integrity of financial information, whilst approving each year’s budget, business plan and annual accounts prior to publication.
  • Trustees will oversee control and risk management frameworks in order to safeguard the assets, compliance and reputation of the organisation.

We are a good charity, but we have ambitious plans so with your help we can be even better.  Join us and share our future success!

What are we looking for?

It is important that applicants have some time to donate – we estimate only about 2 hrs per week – to help us move forward.  As well as Board meetings, we have specialist sub committees (Membership and Fundraising, Finance, Jeans for Genes, Governance, Technical) where trustees can engage with staff and volunteers to oversee and contribute their expertise and time towards each agenda.

We have some specific skills gaps we would like to fill which are listed below but in doing so we are also particularly keen to diversify our Board in terms of age, race, gender and religion.

Legal (ideally with some charity context) as an essential point of reference
Improving our bid writing skills to maximise grant funding
Fundraising strategy to help us diversify our income streams
Governance secretary (Company secretary) to ensure compliance
Information Technology to ensure we remain efficient and up to date
Brand development to get the most out of our assets
Digital Marketing to help our fundraising and communication
Healthcare professional to help our understanding of healthcare delivery in the UK

Don’t worry if you have no charity trustee experience.  We will provide coaching and training as required and with such a small Board you will learn the ropes very quickly.

But for those with a charity track record, don’t delay!  You will appreciate that navigating the governance requirements is an ongoing challenge that requires a safe pair of experienced hands.  We need your help too.


What difference will you make?

The pandemic has disrupted normal services in so many ways.  Our membership has endured Shielding and isolation whilst our team have been overwhelmed by Covid activity.  But we are now refocused on a post Covid strategy to:

  • rebuild our fundraising and financial resilience,
  • revisit the service provision that we offer and look for ways to offer more support especially for mental health issues
  • strengthen our governance with a reinforced Board including succession planning for key roles
  • Engage with charity or company partners who can further our aims and benefit our members

Our assessment has identified some skill gaps which are the focus of this recruitment.  We aim to have new trustees in place by early 2022 so that they can contribute to our strategic review for the next financial year.  These strategic priorities will be actioned by the sub committees where trustees meet the staff and volunteers to push their specialist agenda forward.  We hope that our new recruits will strengthen and broaden the scope of that work and help the Board to deliver it more quickly.

We are a small charity with sparse resources so a donation of a couple of hours per week from trustees we can make a lot of progress.  More importantly perhaps our achievements will be obvious so the impact of this work will be clear and will motivate all of us to keep pushing forward.

What’s in it for the volunteer?

Living with this rare disease is tough. Those affected can be chronically ill & unable to go to school or work, parents may become full time carers and abandon their career aspirations and quality of life can be damaged for those families blighted by this inherited condition.  So this charity is a ray of hope for many.  We have so much more to do even after 30 years.  A trustee will help steer this work and see the impact that we make.  You will feel the warmth and gratitude of our membership. You will meet other like-minded volunteers and you will learn new skills to benefit your professional role as well. Above all, you can make a difference.

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