bckr | Developing world charity ‘No Ordinary Life’ seeks to appoint legal practitioner as Trustee
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Developing world charity ‘No Ordinary Life’ seeks to appoint legal practitioner as Trustee

Developing world charity ‘No Ordinary Life’ seeks to appoint legal practitioner as Trustee

Closing Date
17 December 2021
Time Commitment
5 hours a month

If you are a legal practitioner interested in volunteering as a trustee then this is for you. We are particularly interested in an experienced lawyer or legal consultant with experience in the charity law or international law field as this is an international organisation; but welcome all legal experiences. Your role as a trustee will involve attending Trustee/Board Meetings up to 4 hours a month. Looking over our policies and suggesting changes, be informed of countries policies by researching on educational policies and the social services. The main role of our trustees is: 1) Provide leadership   2) Support   3) Represent   4) Grow our network. We are a young organisation and have a strong emphasis on career and skills so be open to sharing your career experience with our audience.

Who is No Ordinary Life? We are a voluntary organisation with a focus on providing career’s advice and skills training for young people in the developing world by organising events and also providing one-to-one or group-based lifeskills training.


What are we looking for?

The ideal candidate:

  • Might have a degree in International law, Law or Charity law.
  • Be an experienced lawyer with over 3 years of practice.
  • Have some experience in providing legal advice for projects or to non-profit organisations; particularly start-ups.
  • Strong communication skills both verbal and oral
  • Be open-minded and exercise religious and cross-cultural sensitivity. (We will do the same)
  • Have good computer literacy skills

NB: We are an organisation founded and guided by Christian morals and principles.

It will be nice:

  1. Have a nice, welcoming and friendly personality and values teamwork.
  2. To have a good sense of humour
  3. Some experience in some of areas mentioned below
  4. Anything unique about you to bring to the team.

We are a fairly young organisation currently in the process of registering for official charity status so a good measure of success for you will be helping us to get it right in the shortest amount of time as possible. (The process of charity registering can take many months).

We want you to feel good about your accomplishments, in the big and small. Attending meetings and sharing ideas, before or after voting you might have to defend your stance so you get to practice your skills and overall being a part of the growth of the organisation.

This role offers an opportunity for:

  • DevOffering strategic planning and management
  • Being a part of an organisation that wants to see change in individuals in the developing world.
  • Being a part of a close and friendly team.
  • There may some opportunities to travel to some countries in Africa.

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