bckr | Music charity ‘World Heart Beat Examinations Board’ seeks new Trustee with legal skills
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Music charity ‘World Heart Beat Examinations Board’ seeks new Trustee with legal skills

Music charity ‘World Heart Beat Examinations Board’ seeks new Trustee with legal skills

Closing Date
None specified
Remote / SW18
Time Commitment
3-6 meetings a year

World Heart Beat is an organisation who love music! Its teaching, its creativity, its joy, emotion and connectivity. We also love performance- and now we offer examinations. This combination has the potential to change lives.

In particular we love to offer the equality deserved to instruments from a diverse array of cultural backgrounds. Be on side with music and equality…

WHB is becoming an awarding organisation approved by Ofqual. Our first award will be in tabla. There are very few opportunities for musicians of this percussive instrument to gain the deserved recognition for their skills, knowledge and understanding of their chose field of music. As part of our new structure we require a new Governing Body to have oversight of the examinations board. This requires approximately 3-6 meetings a year and the management of some emails and documentation such as outcome data and revenue. The Governing Body has devolved decision making responsibility from the Board of Directors. The role is one of critical friend to whom the Examination Board’s Quality Committee report. It is the role of each Governor to ensure that all compliance is in place and remains the case and report the maintenance of this to the board of directors.  Should any complaints or appeals reach a certain stage the Governing Body would have involvement as well.

As  Governor of the World Heart Beat Examination Board you will be contributing to opening opportunities for young people and old to gain recognition for their skills, knowledge and understanding of the music of instruments not commonly given the same space as instruments from more conventional western genres.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for three individuals for our Governing Body.  Having been a Governor on a school board or similar would be good experience. Any role current or previously in assessment or examinations would also be useful. Someone who has a legal background would have skills and knowledge that are likely to be useful to the group. The role if very much as critical friend. A person to ask the questions that one might not have thought of or the questions that complete checks and balances are all in order. To understand the Conditions of Regularity that apply to the examining board and to reliably confirm the boards compliance with these conditions. Conflict of interests is a key aspect of concern and the governor will always seek to ensure that all conflicts are aired and appropriately mitigated for.

The Governors on the body should consider risks to the examinations board and ensure the future or validity of the examinations board is always secure.

So being able to ask clarifying questions is a key skill.

Asking questions with humility and openness is another.

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