bckr | Chartered Institute of Taxation seeks Lay Council Representative
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Chartered Institute of Taxation seeks Lay Council Representative

Chartered Institute of Taxation seeks Lay Council Representative

Closing Date
12 June 2022
Time Commitment
£500 per day

General responsibilities

The Council has a collective responsibility, which the Lay Representative will be expected to help inform and contribute to, as follows:

  • ensure that Council exercises control over the strategic direction of the Institute and that the performance against its strategic objectives is properly assessed on a regular basis
  • contribute to the wider debate and make their perspective available to Council
  • ensure that the Institute conducts its affairs in accordance with its status as a charity and its charitable objectives
  • ensure that the Institute maintains its long-term financial sustainability, safeguards its assets, and operates proper mechanisms to ensure effective internal control, risk management, academic quality and value for money
  • act fairly and impartially at all times, in the interests of the Institute as a whole, using independent judgement and maintaining confidentiality
  • observe the seven principles of public life (the Nolan Principles) embracing selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership

Specific responsibilities

The role of Lay Representative has the following specific responsibilities:

  • present a mid-year report to Council and to contribute, from the perspective of the role of Lay Representative, to the Annual Report (two pages of A4 maximum) on the Council’s conduct of business in the preceding year in relation to safeguarding the public interest, particularly as a charity, and commenting on the Council’s contribution to furthering its charitable purposes and providing a public benefit
  • attend a short post-meeting briefing with the Chief Executive Officer and President following each Council meeting
  • attend an annual meeting of the Joint Officers and Senior Staff Forum in relation to the appraisal of the Chief Executive Officer.


The Lay Representative should:

  • attend meetings of Council and participate in discussions, acting as a ‘critical friend’, contributing to the development, implementation and monitoring of the Institute’s strategy
  • listen respectfully to the views of others whilst also bringing a different perspective in questions and debate
  • contribute to reviews of the effectiveness of Council, and
  • attend any induction and training as may be required by the Institute to carry out effectively the role of Lay Representative


To ensure the independence of the role, we unfortunately cannot accept applications from:

  • Chartered Tax Advisers or in a profession linked to the tax profession
  • Applicants who have been a trustee, employee or volunteer of the Institute within the last five years
  • Applicants who have, within the previous three years, had a business relationship with the Institute, or
  • Applicants who have, or have had, a personal relationship or close family ties with any of the charity’s trustees or senior management.

Please indicate that you do not fall under any of the categories above in your response to us.

The Lay Representative will also submit an annual Register of Interests declaration and must ensure that the Institute is notified promptly of any material changes to these details as may arise during the year.

While appointed, the Lay Representative must not undertake any activities or correspondence relating to the Institute’s external contacts or relations or make contact with the media or any external contacts in the public domain about the role of Lay Representative without the prior, written agreement of the Chief Executive Officer.


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