bckr | Berkshire Gardens Trust seeks new Trustee
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Berkshire Gardens Trust seeks new Trustee

Berkshire Gardens Trust seeks new Trustee

Closing Date
20 September 2022
Time Commitment
8 hours a month

Are you interesting in supporting and promoting the conservation of historically-significant designed landscapes in Berkshire?

You could be a Trustee for the Berkshire Gardens Trust, a local charity that helps conserve the environment

BGT is a Company Limited by Guarantee (Number 06905541) and functions as a charity, although not needing to register up to now, due to financial turnover. Our average yearly income has been £3.6k, reduced to ~£2k in 2020/21, but is recovering as more activities can now take place; our Reserves are shown as over £18k in the last accounts.

The Berkshire Gardens Trust is associated with, but separate from, The Gardens Trust (Registered charity number 1053446) who are a statutory consultee in the English planning system, amongst their many functions.

BGT, as the local Trust, were set up in 2009 to identify, understand, appreciate, and promote the conservation of historically-significant designed landscapes in Berkshire. We focus on three main themes:

  1. Running an annual programme of lectures and historical garden visits for our Members
  2. Responding to planning developments that affect historical landscapes
  3. Conducting research projects to uncover and document the history of Berkshire’s parks and gardens

The role and what we are looking for in a new trustee

Each, or all, of our three themes should be of specific interest to you as a potential trustee.
We’d welcome a chance to explain more, particularly if you have any of the following:

  • Generally, an interest in gardens, conservation and governing an organisation that strongly promotes the managed-environment in Berkshire
  • An interest in planning matters, historical research or writing newsletters (any or all of which would be most welcome!)
  • Skills and experience in the legal responsibilities for making Annual Returns to the Charity Commission and Companies House; in assisting with the Trust’s legal obligations; an interest in acting as Company Secretary

Trustees are the people who make the top-level decisions for our charity. Our Board includes people with experience and skills in planning and conservation, and we’d expect new Trustees to have strong empathy with our environmental cause.

You don’t necessarily need prior experience of charity trusteeship, as support from local charity-support organisations is available.  Full induction to our organisation will be provided, plus specialist support as a new trustee including access to external training.

If you can think strategically and plan long-term, you have the primary skills needed by our trustees; you’ll also need to be able to work collectively with other Board members.

We are looking for fresh expertise and experience from a variety of backgrounds to our charity. We want to expand the diversity of our board, in all meanings of the word, and strongly welcome applications from people from less-represented groups.

You will join a team of Trustees who collectively take a strategic role in directing the activities of the organisation and also managing the activities on a regular basis.

We ask for about eight hours of your time per month, which includes all meetings, discussions, etc.  You will need access to digital communications, as some of our charity’s business is run that way, although the Board meets face-to-face at locations in Berkshire.

What do you get as a volunteer trustee with our organisation?

  • An opportunity to exercise your strategic skills, probably in a different context
  • An opportunity to influence and collectively-lead an organisation supporting conservation of the local environment
  • A chance to expand and implement your understanding of our work, to augment your experience of charities
  • A boost to your career and CV, if needed
  • Satisfaction of helping an organisation that helps conservation, thus giving something back to your community
  • Induction training, support and assistance; reimbursement of reasonable expenses, if needed


What do we get?

  • Your abilities to influence and mutually-create plans for our charity’s future
  • Enhancement to our overall governance and the Board of trustees; improvement in our charity governance and operational growth
  • Your participation in our collective decision-making, contributing to all areas of our charity work
  • Your enthusiasm


What do our beneficiaries get?

  • The ability to continue our support for conservation of the local managed-environment
  • A forward-looking and agile organisation, with a well-informed and well-managed Board of Trustees

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