bckr | UK Men’s Sheds Association seeks new Chair
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UK Men’s Sheds Association seeks new Chair

UK Men’s Sheds Association seeks new Chair

Closing Date
31 August 2022
Time Commitment
2-4 days a month

UKMSA’s mission is to enable access to a Shed for every man who wants it. 

We have ambitious plans to support this development of hundreds more Sheds over the next 3-5 years.

Earlier this year we launched the Charter for Wellbeing in Craft and DIY at the Palace of Westminster and it has been a fantastic platform on which to further partnerships across both the industry and healthcare spaces. This is, in short, an exciting time for UKMSA but also the circumstances of the economy and pandemic have set even greater need on the work we do. We are taking this challenge to heart and embracing the opportunity.

Role Summary

UKMSA is looking for a new Chair to lead the organisation and Board of Trustees (‘the Board’) through an exciting period of strategic development and change. As an increasingly influential voice in the arena of men’s health and wellbeing, UKMSA is championing the growth of ‘Shedding’ across the UK and partnering with a range of organisations to promote and support its aims.

In particular, the Chair:

  • Provides leadership and direction to the Board, and enables the Board to fulfil its responsibilities for the overall governance and strategic direction of UKMSA.
  • Enables, empowers and facilitates the Board in effective, excellent, carefully considered strategic decision making, maximising the collective and individual talents of the Trustees to best effect.
  • Works in partnership with the Chief Officer to support the employees, helping them to achieve the aims of UKMSA and to optimise the relationship between the Board and the staff.
  • Acts as an ambassador for UKMSA, meeting and influencing: potential and existing sponsors; partners; representatives of other charities; and relevant government and non-government bodies.
  • Ensures that UKMSA pursues its objects as defined in the governing document, charity law, and other relevant legislation and regulations.
  • We should also prefer the Chair simultaneously to be a Trustee of UKMSA, with all that entails.

Please click here for application details.