bckr | Heathrow Immigration Removal Centre seeks volunteers
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Heathrow Immigration Removal Centre seeks volunteers

Heathrow Immigration Removal Centre seeks volunteers

Closing Date
16 October 2022
Time Commitment
2-3 visits a month

Every day ordinary people do an extraordinary job monitoring conditions for people in detention to make sure that they are treated with fairness and respect.

The Independent Monitoring Board at  Heathrow is recruiting new members who live within 25 miles of the IRC and can commit the time to 2 to 3 visits per month although this may be slightly higher during the first year of training and this can be flexible depending on the needs of the Board and the individual.

Who are the IMB?

We’re a group of ordinary members of the public, doing an extraordinary job. As a passionate, personable individual, you could join us in making a difference. In this unpaid role, you’ll volunteer your talent and time towards securing a decent day-to-day life for every detainee. Under the guidance of dedicated mentors and an extensive training programme, you’ll commit to a flexible schedule of visits to a local establishment each month, with travel and subsistence expenses paid. Your observations will have an impact as your Board reports its findings to Ministers in Her Majesty’s Government.

About the role

With unrestricted access to these unique environments, you’ll gain a rare insight into all aspects of life in detention. Impartial and highly influential, you can decide what shape your visits should take. As an independent monitor, you may spend time in a specific part of the IRC or choose to have your conversations with detainees out of sight or hearing of a member of staff. As well as keeping a close eye on daily operations, you’ll play a crucial role in dealing with problems that arise. This could be in response to a confidential request to see a member of the IMB, or to observe the management of the more serious incidents that occur.

Why join us?

More than anything else, this is a rewarding opportunity that makes a real and meaningful difference to the lives of detainees and our wider society. Ministers are obliged to respond to the issues raised in your Board’s report.  The environment may seem intimidating at first, but you will be fully supported through your training and accompanied during your visits until you feel ready to manage independently. This highly recognised and respected role could provide the experience that opens doors into other careers within the justice system.

Who are we looking for?

There is no one type of person who could be right for the IMB because it’s not about background or skillset. It’s about having the dedication and passion to ensure all people are being treated fairly For that reason, we’re looking for individuals from all walks of life who will approach the role with no preconceptions. You will need to be willing to work within a challenging environment and have the confidence to report your findings to senior figures. Most importantly, you will be able to talk to people in a way that makes each prisoner or detainee feel respected and reassured.