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CV Workshops

Reinventing your own publicity!

BCKR’S CV workshops are designed to help lawyers to create CVs which illustrate the breadth of the lawyer’s skills, demonstrate their practical experience and give an insight into their personality and interests.  A list of deals and job titles will never achieve this.

These workshops are conducted for only a small number of participants at a time so that there will be plenty of opportunity to discuss how your own experiences can be adapted to reflect your own skills and aspirations.

Why do this at all? It could well improve your career!

  • A better CV will help you gain roles – legal ones, NED roles and trusteeships.
  • In changing direction or broadening your portfolio, you need to show transferable skills.
  • In applying for a new challenge, you too need to understand what you can offer.
  • In getting back into work, you need to demonstrate all you have, from many fields.
  • In beating the competition, you need to compete on their terms. This is what others do.

What will this particular course offer? 

We will spend a short time reminding participants of the obstacles lawyers (in fact anyone) can face in moving into the non-executive and trustee arena, explaining how to overcome them.  You have to know your enemy!

More positively, we will briefly run through how to start your own non-executive journey. This will touch on:

  • how others will view you
  • the range of roles available
  • how to choose the right role for you
  • networking
  • how to manage the day job alongside a trustee role and
  • the likely competition.

We will then spend most time focusing on how to present yourself on a CV.  This CV will highlight your skills and competencies, rather than your specific legal experience and will follow a format that has been successfully tested with headhunters.

We will review several job adverts or application forms to work out what they are looking for, the common themes that run through them and the similarities between what lawyers can bring to an organisation and what the charities and NGOs claim to want of their non-executives. The demands of corporates are no different.   We will also consider how to apply your own experiences inside and outside work to this framework.  A suggested format for your CV will be discussed.

This will allow you to determine:

  • what your CV should cover
  • how you translate your legal experience into a competencies based CV
  • how experiences outside work can contribute
  • the extent to which you can generalise your CV
  • how you should personalise your CV and
  • what else a cover letter or application should deal with.

What should you do after the course?

If you are inspired to take on an external role, or simply need to refresh your CV to broaden your legal success, the course should leave you with a plan of action to take things forward. The process will require dedication, commitment and a little bit of soul searching (this is not something that can be delegated to your PA!), but it will leave you with a genuine understanding of what you are able to offer and a calling card to permit others to understand you more too.

Get in touch to hear more: info@bckr.com