bckr | Joining BCKR
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Joining BCKR

BCKR welcomes enquiries from law firms, in-house legal departments and individual senior lawyers about membership and our other offerings.  We would be delighted to discuss your ambitions for your lawyers outside the firm, and how we might help you meet these aspirations.  This may be through tailored courses for your firm or department, or through the corporate or individual membership. Through corporate membership, law firms and in-house departments are able to sign up all their partners or in-house senior lawyers for our regular webinars and alerts about roles.  These roles are also circulated to those other lawyers who have come on our courses.

The process is simple. You contact Nicola Rippon, our administrator, by phone on 020 3651 3824 or email nicola.rippon@bckr.com. If you need more information, Nicola will probably be able to answer your query.  If not, she can easily arrange a meeting with one of the team. Similarly if you would like to join one of our webinars to try us out, we would be delighted to see you. Just let Nicola know.

Once you are comfortable that you would like to join, we take contact details and an invoice address, and Nicola signs you up (and any others covered by your membership) for the website, email alerts and webinar invites.