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New Horizons

Course Overview

BCKR’s New Horizons Programme helps lawyers approach life confidently after leaving full time law.  Our interactive, online group course of five sessions of 1.5 hours each, offers both a catalyst for thought – a chance to take stock and to work out priorities and goals – and practical guidance and advice.  This period is essentially one for which we write our own ‘job description’ but that requires careful thought and planning.  We will provide a structure for this process, ensuring satisfaction in the early stages of life after your first career and helping you avoid the common pitfalls.

Working with a maximum of 8 participants per group, the course is engaging and fast paced. A little work between the sessions (and engagement with the other participants) will ensure you gain maximum benefit.

Who Should Attend?

This course is tailor made to meet the demands of senior lawyers with up to five years left in their legal career.

Your Facilitator

This BCKR course is led by Niall Foster, a highly experienced professional skills trainer, well versed in the ways of online group work with senior business clients including lawyers. See www.linkedin.com/in/niallfoster. At each session, Niall will be joined by BCKR directors to add their own perspectives as lawyers.

Session Recording

This online course allows you to participate without the need for travel, using the latest online technology. Full instructions will be given to facilitate easy access. Participants receive PowerPoint slides and a recording of each session. Each session is available to download for one month after the original session. Once downloaded, however, you can keep and review the content, at your leisure, as often as you like.

Course Content

Session 1: Introduction to the Programme

  • Personal introductions
  • How we will work together virtually
  • What will retirement mean to you?
  • How far law is law firm partnership or status tied to your identity?
  • Your remuneration requirements and appetite for working pro bono
  • Obvious avenues for you to pursue

Session 2: Wellbeing

  • Purpose, structure and setting of goals: how to prepare for the new world
  • Your own health and fitness
  • How much time for family, friends, work and other pursuits
  • Developing existing and new interests
  • Developing a healthy mindset
  • Living a fulfilling retirement

Session 3: Working in Retirement

  • Law related career options – the judiciary, mediation, consulting, mentoring
  • Non-law related career options – teaching, charity work, a new business
  • Non-executive director or trustee roles
  • Running your own business
  • Networking now to improve and leverage your professional contacts

Session 4: Influencing Others and Winning Support

  • Managing your communication style to increase your influence
  • Marketing your skills and online presence
  • How decision makers make choices and buy
  • Building effective relationships by establishing rapport
  • Speaker events, and how to use them

Session 5: Starting before you finish: preparing for the new world

  • How to set realistic goals
  • Identifying opportunities for retirees
  • When to write your CV
  • Growing your network
  • Recognising success


The course fee is £1,500

Contact Nicola Rippon info@bckr.com for further information