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Former lawyer turned psychotherapist Gavin Sharpe – workaholism, life, law and stress

We were joined by former Allen & Overy lawyer, Gavin Sharpe who, in 2012, made the decision to retrain as a coach and psychotherapist. He encouraged us all to take a step back and take a look at work and life as a whole. Anyone who takes work calls whilst on 'holiday' or pulled all-nighters, will benefit from spending a few minutes listening and reflecting upon what Gavin had to say. Gavin himself now has a diversified portfolio career alongside his main career, and seems to have achieved a balance that many current lawyers are now looking for. https://vimeo.com/559954775/8737f750e7...

David Paterson: top tips for current lawyers – plan early and take the initiative

We were joined by former lawyer, David Paterson, who spoke candidly about the need to preserve self esteem and be realistic when starting out on a portfolio life. His words will resonate with many of us. David guides our members through his own journey in transitioning from being an M&A and board advisory partner at HSF to holding a variety of non-executive and trustee roles in the charitable and sporting arena just two years later. David recommends doing research to find out what it is you want from a portfolio life, be realistic, network, and use the services that BCKR has...

Webinar with Pam Daley: Don’t be a lawyer, be a leader with a law degree!

This week we had the pleasure of welcoming US portfolio lawyer, Pam Daley, calling in from the States to discuss with BCKR's Tim Clark what she sees are the reasons why lawyers need to be on boards, why perhaps there aren't enough lawyers on boards, both in the UK and US, and how she made the transition from law firm partner to business executive. https://vimeo.com/429620223/af9cf014b7...