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A Coach’s Perspective on Lawyers with Niall Foster

Date & Time
9.00am Wednesday 25 May 2022

Through our NED skills course, Niall has now helped many BCKR lawyers improve their chances of getting roles outside the law and we’re delighted he has agreed to share a little of his wisdom with all members at this session.  An MBA lecturer, change consultant, or coach at organisations as diverse as EDF Trading, HMRC, Peabody, the East African Seed Company in Nairobi and Kyiv National Economics University, Niall is well placed to help us understand how lawyers come across against the competition, and how just a few changes in approach and plenty of practice can make the path to portfolio life much easier.



The Rule of law in a changing world with Murray Hunt of The Bingham Centre

Murray Hunt
Date & Time
9.00am Thursday 9 June 2022

As Director of the Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law, Murray Hunt has had a lifelong interest in the social significance of the law and the ways in which practitioners can help to develop a better understanding of the role of the law in society, politics and business. Murray’s session for BCKR will cover modern slavery, accountability for war crimes, parliamentary scrutiny and the significance of the rule of law for global businesses, as he takes members through his own varied career journey as well as the ways in which lawyers can broaden their horizons by engaging with the rule of law issues which confront us today, both domestically and internationally.

He is also the UK’s alternate member of the Council of Europe’s Commission for Democracy Through Law (the Venice Commission) and Legal Adviser to the All Party Parliamentary Group on the Rule of Law, for which the Bingham Centre provides the secretariat. Murray is also an Associate Member of Matrix, which, with a number of like-minded barristers, he helped to set up in 2000.


The move from Lawyer to Entrepreneur with Calvin Walker

Calvin Walker
Date & Time
9.00am Thursday 23 June 2022

Calvin had more than 25 years’ experience as an international project finance lawyer, as a partner at Allen & Overy and Baker McKenzie, before leaving his legal practice behind in 2019, and moving into training, executive and international  consulting roles.  A commercial and entrepreneurial portfolio.

With a couple of others, he set up CCC Training, exclusively offering project finance training for those working in the field; he has become legal and commercial director for a former client, Veleswater, a start-up providing a tradable index on water pricing; and he remains engaged with the legal world internationally through a consulting role with Bonnelli Erede.

Calvin will share with members the paths he has taken so far, the decisions that have shaped this journey, and the opportunities he hopes will come next.  Anyone considering a move into their own business, or an executive role elsewhere would be foolish to miss this interesting session.