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What Next? Act! Become a Legal Consultant

Execute the move to a successful consultancy/interim director/board advisor career with confidence

Course Overview

Designed by BCKR for individual lawyers wanting to go it alone, this is an interactive online group course of six sessions of 1.5 hours each week and one 1:1 60-minute coaching session within one month after session 6. It addresses how to develop the skills and attributes you need either to become a legal consultant, the option open to you for freelancing or joining an umbrella firm.

Working with a maximum of 8 participants per group, the course is engaging and fast paced. In-between session work (and ideally also engagement with the other participants) will ensure you gain maximum benefit.

Session Recording

This online course allows you to participate without the need for travel. It uses the latest online technology. Full instructions will be given to facilitate easy access. You will receive PowerPoint slides and a recording of each session. Each session is available to download for one month after the original session. Once downloaded, however, you can keep and review the content, at your leisure, as often as you like.

Your Facilitator

This BCKR course is led by Niall Foster, a highly experienced professional skills trainer, well versed in the ways of on-line group work. See www.linkedin.com/in/niallfoster. At each session, Niall will be joined by Elizabeth Holden, who herself became a consultant with Keystone Law a few years after leaving partnership at Slaughter and May.


  • Create a career plan to make a successful transition from full-time employment into an independent, freelance, legal consultant.
  • Develop an online presence to support your new career direction.
  • Review your career successes and translate them into consulting services you can offer.
  • Have a great CV, promote yourself, network and meet prospects
  • Arrange prospect meetings, understand needs, put a costed proposal together
  • Demonstrate the right mindset to secure your first legal work as a consultant and ensure you have a healthy pipeline of work.

Benefits to You

  • Decide your freelance legal career objectives.
  • Promote yourself online, build a network and meet businesses who want your services.
  • Identify your current consulting competencies and those you need to develop.
  • Learn to secure legal work on your own behalf.
  • Prospect/present yourself in the right way.
  • Build motivational relationships, acquire and use the information you need to close contracts.
  • Have a new freelance legal CV and updated LinkedIn profile.


Session 1: Introduction to the Programme

  • Who we are and how we will work together virtually?
  • Familiarise yourself with the course.
  • Establish how we will work together online.

Session 2: Start your Journey

  • Options to consider when looking at a freelance legal career
  • So how do we adapt to changing circumstances and embrace them?
  • Steps to create new client opportunities and a dynamic life that embraces the rest of your ambitions.
  • Define the barriers to a successful transition and exploring new ways to achieve objectives.

Session 3: Securing Work  

  • The foundations of any successful career is based on self-knowledge.
  • Introduction to prospecting for work.
  • Who are you and how can you quickly communicate your story and value in networking situations and in meeting new clients?

Session 4: Be a Legal Consultant

  • With your enhanced self-knowledge, how can you now use your understanding yourself to see how you should work differently?
  • How to win friends and influence people and prospects?
  • Understanding other’s needs.

Session 5: Communication & Negotiation Skills

  • Understanding the key elements of emotional intelligence and creating long term active references.
  • Using closing techniques to win those clients.
  • Negotiating your fees alone.

Session 6: Management your admin

  • Understanding consulting contracts.
  • Insurance
  • Staying in control with stakeholders.

Session 7: Individual 1:1 coaching session within one month of session 6.