bckr | What Next? Develop – Course Overview
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What Next? Develop – Course Overview

Develop your chosen 'retirement' beyond the law

Course Overview

An interactive 1:1 coaching programme of two 75-minute online sessions over 2-4 weeks designed by BCKR for individual lawyers. In-between session work will ensure you gain maximum benefit.

Are you looking to change direction in your career, formulate a comprehensive plan for success and achieve your goals at an accelerated rate? The purpose of the programme is to give you the tools and techniques to help decide your career options and to help you to re-energise your job search and bridge the gap between where you currently are and where you want to be.


Your Personal Coach

We will conduct an introductory consultation to identify your context, goals and any obstacles you may have encountered on your career journey. Based on these insights you will then be assigned a personal coach who we believe is best suited to you. This coach will be your trusted advisor.


What you Get

  • Your dedicated coach will help you improve your focus and professional competence, which in turn will enable you to formulate a clear roadmap to your next career.
  • 2 x 75 minute online coaching sessions.
  • Myers Briggs (MBTI) personality test that gives you a concrete description of who you are and why you do the things the way you do.
  • Individual support and action plan to develop new skills, build confidence and refine your professional mindset to meet the expectations of the new career you wish to pursue.
  • A wealth of expert advice about your CV and LinkedIn profile to ensure your collateral and personal brand complements your new found confidence and plan to succeed.
  • Before your first coaching session, you will complete a self-assessment exercise designed to draw out what is important to you as a person and highlight what you have to offer a potential employer. Your responses will then be reviewed and discussed with you in depth.
  • Your personal coach will provide you with challenging feedback and input so that you can identify the achievable career option(s) that best meet your needs and aspirations.


Benefits to You

  • Gain clarity on your career development options.
  • Nail your strengths, skills and development opportunities.
  • Use your influence to build your personal visibility and online profile presence.
  • Learn how to apply to job adverts and manage interviews.


Benefits to your Firm

  • Enthuse partners to work positively towards proactively managing their career.
  • Send a positive message to associates by creating a culture of individual care that permeates your firm.
  • Motivate employees to be ‘ambassadors’ for your firm.
  • Ensure effective succession planning/client retention.


Coaching content

Two weeks before session 1: you complete the Personal Values and Myers Briggs exercises. 

By understanding yourself better, you are more likely to establish a realistic set of life goals. The Personal Values exercise highlights all those things that you value most. Knowing these and creating objectives for these is proven to increase the likelihood of you realising them.

The Myers Briggs (MBTI) Type Indicator describes your inborn behavioural tendencies and preferences which are used when you are not stressed and are feeling competent and energetic. These behavioural tendencies are your natural response in daily situations (that you often don’t notice) that help you feel relaxed and comfortable.


Session 1: Personal Preferences & Career Options

  • Review of your pre-session work.
  • Feedback, discuss and concrete conclusions.
  • Decide a permanent, consulting, non-executive or a portfolio career?


Session 2: CV & LinkedIn

  • Based on session 1, what are career options and have I got the skills, qualifications and experience required?
  • Tips on updating my CV(s) and Linkedin profile.
  • Tips on searching and applying for roles.