bckr | What Next? Explore – Course Overview
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What Next? Explore – Course Overview

Explore your transition to retirement beyond the law

Course Overview

Designed by lawyers for lawyers with 3-5 years left before retirement, this is a fast paced, interactive, online course of six 1.5-hour weekly sessions for up to 10 participants. This course is also available in-person.

You will receive PowerPoint slides and a recording of each session. You also have access to a private LinkedIn group where you can share ideas, engage with fellow participants and the facilitators. At the end of the course, each participant will receive an optional 1:1 coaching session as an aid to action planning.

Your Facilitators

This BCKR course is led by Niall Foster, a highly experienced professional skills trainer, well versed in the ways of on-line group work. See www.linkedin.com/in/niallfoster. At each session, Niall will be joined by BCKR directors who will add their perspective and experience.

Benefits to You

  • Explore options beyond your present career
  • Have time to focus on what you want from your ‘retirement’
  • Learn from peer experiences as a guide to your own planning
  • Create clarity about your future
  • Receive a personal boost by seeing what you have and can still achieve, in your firm or away from it 

Benefits to your Firm

  • Help partners to retire positively at the right time
  • Demonstrate a culture of individual care that permeates through your firm
  • Motivate partners to leave on a high and be ‘alumni ambassadors’


Session 1: New Life Options

  • What does your life look like now and how do you want it to look? What do you not want?
  • Consider options by using the ‘BCKR Assessment’ to self-assess and fit to your values
  • What skills do you need to develop now for the future?


Session 2: Re-Discovering Yourself

  • Separate your identity from that of your firm
  • How projecting the image of your firm can impact personal ambition and initiative
  • Effectively promote your new identity


Session 3: A Personal Case Study

  • Learning to let go and planning well ahead
  • Learning new skills – honing them within the firm before leaving
  • Practicalities – developing a personal brand, mission, vision, networking, money, health, IT, PA, legal structure


Session 4: Money Matters & Estate Planning

  • What are your future financial needs (personal needs, tax and estate planning)?
  • Securing paid work through Non-Executive Directorships or consulting
  • The practicalities of setting up a small business (legal structure, accounts, branding, pricing and marketing)


Session 5: Health for Life

  • Tips on improving your health
  • Exercise and finding time to exercise
  • Mental health


Session 6: A ‘What Now?’ Workshop

  • Course review and ‘swap shop’ of lessons learnt
  • Action planning for the way ahead
  • Tips for when you hit roadblocks


Session 7:

  • 1:1 coaching session with one course facilitator