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What is BCKR? BCKR helps senior lawyers (City law firm partners and senior in-house lawyers) have broader horizons and see how to use their talents outside law.  This can  complement their legal career or help in finding a fulfilling life after law.  This will often include serving on a board.

What sort of board? Initially, unpaid roles on the boards of not-for-profit organisations such as charities and public bodies. For those closer to retirement from full time legal work, we also prepare them for roles with more commercial enterprises.

Is this about retirement? No, definitely not just retirement. For some it is admittedly preparation for a second career. For others, we encourage them to do something outside the law while they are practising.

Why would they want to do that? Because it is interesting, increases their skills and knowledge of the world and introduces them to commercial decision-making. All of which makes them better lawyers and is invaluable preparation for a second career. And it is a public good.

How old should the lawyer be? The earlier they start, the better. All ages and stages welcome.

What’s the time commitment of these roles? It varies by the job. Some will have minimal time commitments, but all jobs will expect the individual’s whole-hearted participation.

What if I don’t want a board role? BCKR helps you work out what you do want, and can introduce you to many alternatives to non-executive roles which still play to the lawyer’s strengths.

How does it work? Law firms or companies subscribe for annual membership their lawyers. The membership belongs to the legal department or firm, and as many lawyers as they like can participate from that organisation for the same price.

Can individuals join? Absolutely.  It clearly works best if the employer or firm is supportive, but that may not always be the case.

What are the benefits? We hold regular events for members to learn about board appointments, with guest speakers from the not-for-profit, business and headhunting communities. We encourage our members to share their experiences and to meet lawyers who have made the transition. These events provide introductions to help start our members’ own non-executive networks.

What else? The BCKR website carries board appointments suitable for professionals in full time roles and members will also be notified of these vacancies by email.

Anything else? We provide group courses to build NED skills, or to prepare for retirement from the law and we offer individual one-on-one help for lawyers in working through the decision and application process at any stage of their career.

Will it change the world? Yes.



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