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Hospice care charity in Gravesend seeks new Trustee with a legal background

ellenor is a charity that provides hospice care to all ages and to help us provide this specialist hospice care and support, we need amazing people. We have an exciting opportunity for you to join our charity. This is a fantastic opportunity for a business professional from all sectors to join ellenor at Board level. As a Trustee you are responsible for the governance and strategy of ellenor, it’s financial health and the probity of its activities in accordance with ellenor’s Articles of Association. We have several Trustee positions that will be vacant in 2023 and whether you are an experienced Trustee or...

The Importance of Legal Platforms as Valuable Economic Assets by BCKR’s Guy Beringer

In this Spotlight article Guy Beringer considers the importance of legal platforms as valuable economic assets; he argues that this requires: (i) an understanding of the value that can accrue to an economy as a result of the efficiency of a legal platform; (ii) planning of the legal platform so that it keeps pace with development; and (iii) investment in the legal platform. Click here to read more....